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 Juli - Update2002 - 07 - 01  

There are no changes to the English section so far. Until now I am busy working on the German Ranma ½ section, which takes up most of my free time. Well, after it got listed by Google I was surprised that many of the keywords reach a high position, or is a position between 1 and 10 a low position. Looks like a philosophical question to me.

The most interesting part is another German keyword -Namensbedeutung- (meaning of a name), which caused more than 1000 misled hits to my Kreienkamp section. May be I should add a section where I put some research on family names...


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 Hello everyone2002 - 03 - 01  

The page has reopened,
but most of the Links on the left side aren't online yet. Since time tables normally won't hold (for example: take a look at the release dates of software-products) I don't think that it would make sense to set one up.

If you want to know the reason why most of the links won't work: It's mainly because I redo the HTML code. Even if it looks nice I will drop the JavaScript code and return to pure HTML. Well since it will be HTML 4.0 most of the pages will contain Cascading Style Sheets and I will put down my experiences with it into the HTML section when I reach this point.

Now for an even less pleasant subject:
Should it happen that you detect any mistakes with my English let me know. It might be embarrassing for me, but at least that gives me the chance to learn out of my mistakes.

The only working link so far is the one to the Kreienkamp zone. That's mainly because one of the reasons for this page is to provide a possible way to get into contact with other people named Kreienkamp.



Normally the German section will receive a new link earlier than the English section since German is my first language. That makes it easier for me to phrase what I try to say :)

 some technical information2002 - 03 - 01  

This site is best viewed with a screen resolution of 1024 by 768 points, but if you use a solution of 800 by 600 points the only negative side effect will be that you have to scroll more often since the width of the information area will be smaller.

Additionally I used HTML 4.0 to build this site, but every Microsoft and Netscape browser in a Version of 4 or higher should display it correctly.